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  1. Yohana Kanath

    Hi mam!

    Do you still remember me? I am one of your student from Papua, the one from C class who attended to PCSM III.
    How are you?
    All of us are doing great and we hope you did so (I believe you are).

    Mam, where are you now? Are you still planning to come back to Papua?

    By the way, I have some question about how to value the collateral.
    1. What is the methode do you know?
    2. In Bank Papua, the way we are using right now is the average of NJOP, Market value and the value from the AO. What do you think?

    I am asking you those questions because I would love to write about it for my paper. If you have a nice website you recommended for me to read, I would love to know.

    I hope you could reply your opinion based on your experience to enrich my knowledge and as a referen for me.

    Thanks before for your kindness of reading and reply all of my questions.
    You could send me e-mail in: yolixs_ph@yahoo.com

    Thanks and may you be bless.


    Yohana Kanath

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